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  • Please read before continuing
    As always, it is very important to supervise your pets when they are in our tags. Pets often chew and while our tags are pretty durable to any weather condition, they are not chewable and should not be consumed.
  • What are your tags made out of?
    Our Tags are made out of polymer clay and have mostly hand crafted colors that are created using color theory. No tag will ever look exactly the same.
  • What is the easiest way to clean my tag?
    We recommend giving them a gentle scrub down with a mild soap, luke warm water and soft bristle brush (we recommend a toothbrush :) ) Cleaning them with your hands under warm water works too! Never use alcohol or acetone on our tags, it breaks down the material and wears at your designs.
  • How durable are your tags?
    They’re pretty durable! We’ve ran them through hell and back-- rain, snow, and sunshine with two Australian Cattle Dog testers and they’ve held up to value… However, if anything happens to your tag (we take pride in making sure they’re very secure before being sent) once they are out of our care and into yours, we are not held responsible for any damages. If you have any questions, we will be there to give you the best answer possible!
  • What is your recommendation for what size tag I should buy?
    We highly recommend buying the tag that is most suitable for the size of your pet, however, it is okay to get any size you would prefer also. 1 inch - small dogs or cats (1-15lb) Available in a Silver, Gold or Black bezel 1.25 inch - mid size to small dogs (15-30lbs) Available in a Silver, Gold or Black bezel 1.5 inch - large to mid size dogs (30-65lbs) Available in a Silver, Gold or Black bezel 2 inch - large dogs (50lbs+) Available in a Silver or Gold bezel
  • What is your turn around time?
    Our turn around time is ALWAYS changing. Our current turn around time is THREE to FOUR weeks from the order date, if anything would ever happen to pop up unexpectedly within the time frame that puts your order at risk of being sent out in time.. we will reach out to you in any contact way that you provide us at checkout. (Which is why it is very important to leave us an Instagram Handle or some way to contact you!)
  • Do you have a return/refund policy?
    Since our tags are custom/handcrafted, we do not accept returns. We also do not provide a refund policy once the tag is created and out of our hands.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We are currently only ship to the US and Canada! Shipping prices may vary depending on what you order, there is a flat fee for International Shipping but prices are subject to change with what you order. To avoid extra custom charges, we have canceled out any other shipping providers other than USPS, which could result in a longer shipping time for your order.
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